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National Forest Portions of Units Shown Map #1 Map #2 Map #3
All WY Maps are BLM
Afton Deer-142,143,144,145 A-88,89 Mule Deer Antelope Elk
Baggs Deer-80,82,84,100  A-53,57 Mule Deer Antelope
Bairoil Deer-57,62,96,97 A-61 Mule Deer Antelope
Buffalo Deer-26,27,28,29,30 Mule Deer
Burgess Junction MD-25,46,50,52,53  E-,38,41 MD Elk
Carter Mountain MD-110,111,112,113,116,117 Elk- 55,56,58,59,61,62 MD & Elk
Casper Antelope-31,32,69,70,71 Antelope
Cody Deer-105,106,110,11,121  Elk-50,51,52,54,55,56,65,121 MD & Elk
Evanston Deer- 132,133,168 A-94,95,99 Mule Deer Antelope
Farson Deer-131, E-100 A- 90,91,92,96 MD & Elk Antelope
Firehole Canyon  Deer-102,132 A-59,95,112  E-30,31 Mule Deer Antelope Elk
Fontenelle Reservoir Deer-135,143 A-93,98 E-94,102 Mule Deer Antelope Elk
Gannet Peak Deer-128 E 68,69 MD & Elk
Jackson Deer - 144,151,152,153,154 A-87 Mule Deer Antelope Elk
Kaycee Deer-19,29,31,32,33,163 Mule Deer
Kemmerer Deer-134,135 A-93,94,98,100 Mule Deer Antelope
Kinney Rim Deer-100,101,102 A-57,58,112 Mule Deer Antelope
Lander Deer-90,91 A-65,66,67 Mule Deer Antelope
Laramie Peak Deer-64,65,73 E-7 MD & Elk
Lysite Deer-34,36,89,90 A-67,72,73,75,115 Mule Deer Antelope
Medicine Bow Deer-74,75 A-43,46,47,48,50 Mule Deer Antelope
Nowater MD--32,35,37,38,39,40,42,163,164 Mule Deer Antelope
Pinedale Deer-130,134,138 A-87,90,91 E-98 Mule Deer Antelope Elk
Rattlesnake Hills Deer-89,90,97 A-67,68,69,72,74,106 Mule Deer Antelope
Rawlins Deer-84,A-55,56,57,61,62 Mule Deer Antelope
Red Desert Basin Deer-101 A-57,60,92 E-100 MD& E Antelope
Rock Springs Antelope-92,93,96 Antelope
Saratoga Deer-76,78,79,81 A-45,50,51,52 Mule Deer Antelope
Shirley Basin Deer-70,87 A-32,47,48 Mule Deer Antelope
South Pass Deer-93,95,96 A-60,64,65,92,107 MD & Elk Antelope
The Ramshorn Deer-117,128,58 E-59,62,63,64,67,68 MD & Elk
Worland Deer-25,28,43,44,45,46,47,49 A-114,E-41,42 MD& A Elk