New Mexico
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New Mexico
National Forest Portions of Units Shown Map #1 Map #2 Map #3
Carson 2A,2B,45,49,51,52,53,55A Mule Deer Elk
Cibola - Mt. Taylor 9,10 Mule Deer & Elk
Cibola - Magdelena 13,17 Mule Deer & Elk
Gila 15,15A,15B,16,16A,16B,16C,16D, 22A,22B,23,24 Mule Deer Elk
Lincoln-Smokey Bear 34,36,37 Mule Deer Elk
Sante Fe 5B,6,43,44,45 Mule Deer Elk
Navajo Reservoir 2B Mule Deer
ChacoCanyon                                 2B 2C Mule Deer
Please review All unit numbers as each National Forest map covers only the National Forest portion of the unit.
Call or e-mail if you have questions.